About Pink Moon

I like making things that bring people joy.

I’ve loved crystals since the 90s.  I used to go to the local crystal shop to pick out stones that I was drawn to and go home to look up their properties.  I was surprised to find that the properties often reflected areas I was looking to strengthen or improve in my life.  So, during the pandemic, when I was looking for a creative outlet, I turned to the gemstones which had always captured my interest and began crafting bracelets for myself.  

When I wake up in the morning, I think about what I need to accomplish and put on bracelets with properties that will benefit me.  If I need to focus and be creative, I might choose my citrine and hematite bracelet, and I almost always throw in an aventurine bracelet for luck.  

I wanted to curate a collection with properties that would appeal to others, so I made bracelets for some friends and family that had properties I thought would be helpful to them.  

When a friend asked me if I could make a gemstone phone charm, I made a prototype and she loved it.  The pieces I made were getting compliments and I began getting requests for customized pieces, so I started Pink Moon Collection.  

At Pink Moon Collection, we think gemstones are personal.  We appreciate having the ability to design items based on personal preference, which is why we offer custom options.  For custom pieces, you can pick your string color, gemstone beads, and charm.  

Every piece is handmade with hand selected stone beads.