How do I know which stones to choose?

Go with what you are drawn to. If you are attracted to a particular stone, it may be because the properties align with something you need. Let your intuition guide you and you can't go wrong.


Are the stones natural?

Most of our stones are 100% natural, but we do carry a few items that are not. We have added information in the description for those items that are composites or altered.


What if I would like a different size than what is currently available?

Please contact us at info@pinkmooncollection.com for custom orders.


How do I know which size bracelet will fit my wrist?

Please see our size guide here.


What if I want to return an item?

Please see our return policy here.


How do custom orders work?

For the phone charms, you can choose your string color, gemstones, and charm based on what is available.

For custom bracelets, you can choose your size (full or half sizes), and your gemstones.  

Contact us for custom orders: info@pinkmooncollection.com


How long does it take to get a custom order?

The timing can vary depending on what you are looking for. Generally, customer orders can take 2-3 weeks.  If the stones you want are not in stock, it could take 3-4 weeks for a custom order.


How often do I need to cleanse my bracelets or phone charms?

The more often you use a stone, the more energy it absorbs.  A good way to get into a routine is to use the full moon as a reminder.  If a stone is making you feel heavier or it feels off, go ahead and cleanse it.  Some stones may need to be cleansed more often.


How do I cleanse my bracelets or phone charms?
Crystals can hold energy and cleansing can reset them.  There are many methods that you can use to clean your stones.  Find a method that works for you.  Here are a few of my favorites.
  • Moonlight - place your bracelets and phone charms on a windowsill overnight.
  • Crystals - place your bracelets and phone charms on a larger stone, in a bowl or charging plate made of Clear Quartz or Selenite.
  • Sound - Use a tuning fork, a bell or singing bowls to create a pitch or tone that brings everything in the area to the same vibration.